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Mergers and Acquisitions Insurance Online

Filling the SME M&A risk protection gap

SME M&A Insurance Online

SME M&A Insurance Online
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Why join the Mio journey

Mio is a brand new tech-enabled global product that redefines SME M&A insurance – bringing efficiency, flexibility and value to an otherwise underserved market.

Mio combines unrivalled M&A insurance expertise with the data and technology of our online marketplace to drive new SME business for our broker and insurer partners, and a better insurance experience for their customers.

Traditional M&A insurance products aren’t tailored to SMEs, can be time consuming to obtain and cost prohibitive, or just aren’t available on small to mid-sized transactions – often leaving clients under-protected or without cover at all.

As entrepreneurs with decades of experience in building businesses, we’ve felt that pain ourselves.

That’s why we’ve created Mio as the first online insurance solution for SME M&A deals that’s making it easier for insurers and brokers to serve a far wider range of customers in the SME segment.

That’s why we’ve built new technology specifically for this M&A vertical, and why Fusion and have partnered to deliver Mio and other specialist products to SME customers via ioPartners.

That’s why we’re inviting brokers, advisors and insurers to join us as ioPartners in the exciting growth of Mio and the marketplace – all working together in partnership to develop a new M&A insurance ecosystem.

What is Mio?

Mio is an easy-to-access online product developed specifically for the SME business owner or buyer contemplating a sale or acquisition of a business.

The Mio policy protects the capital of the SME Buyer and Seller, reduces uncertainty, and enables them both to focus on getting their deal done.

Mio’s streamlined M&A insurance solution is offered via a standardised and automated workflow provided by, the world’s first online M&A insurance marketplace.

Leveraging Fusion’s specialist M&A underwriting expertise and’s unique combination of InsurTech, LegalTech and M&A tech in partnership with trusted insurers, Mio’s™ online process delivers fast turnaround times and peace of mind.

A standalone Miopolicy can be underwritten and offered in just two to three days, compared to two to three weeks for traditional policies.

Benefits for the seller

Enables a clean exit
Easing of deadlocks and facilitation of the sale
Immediate distribution of sales proceeds with a reduced need for escrows
A more attractive target
Potential for a higher valuation
Specialist liability coverage

Benefits for the buyer

Improved certainty of payment due to insurer’s superior credit rating
Protects investment and supports lending for the transaction
Enhances the bid position and enables the transaction negotiations
Increases Board transaction comfort
Protects against future disputes involving target management
First party coverage
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Protection features

Using a Seller Digital Disclosure Form (“2DF”) for Mio Seller Policies, or a Buyer Digital Due Diligence Form (“3DF”) for Buyer Policies, the digital experience seamlessly delivers a suite of “Covered Risks” that effectively transfer the risks arising in small-and mid-market-sized transactions.

Mio’s coverage is defined in its unique suite of “Covered Risks” which offer protection to a Buyer or a Seller for all the key categories of risks arising from the sale or acquisition.

Most importantly, the “Covered Risks” are standalone cover under the Mio Policy: they do not require a set of representations or warranty statements in the Sale Agreement to effect a transfer of risk.

Product Mio

Purchase Price
Australia in AUD
1m to 100m
United Kingdom in GBP
1m to 100m
United States in USD
1m to 100m
Sum Insured

Up to 100% Purchase Price:
Accepted Range:
Australia in AUD
1m to 10m
United Kingdom in GBP
1m to 10m
United States in USD
1m to 10m

The fixed excess varies depending on the sum insured and purchase price and is provided in the Quote Pack. There is no minimum claims amount.

Policy Periods

A policy will provide protection for 5 years from the Completion Date for all Covered Risks

What is Covered?

The “Covered Risks” cover all the key categories of transaction risks arising as a result of a business sale including the following and more:
fundamental or title transfer
accounts inaccuracies
real property matters
rights to intellectual property
enforceability of material contracts
risks of employee disputes
tax liabilities

What is not Covered?

purchase price adjustments
policyholder’s knowledge
search results (or matters which would have been revealed from searches) of court or other public registers
any projection, estimate or forecast in relation to the business
cyber risks
any change of law or accounting policy
any criminal or civil fines or penalties to the extent uninsurable by law
any actual or alleged underpayment of employees

How do I enhance a transaction using Mio™?

The flexibility of Mio™ and its innovative technology allows the policyholder to tailor the most appropriate structure for their transaction requirements.

The following are two examples of options for incorporating Mio™ into a transaction:

Incorporate the Mio™ “Covered Risks” into the Sale Agreement (pre or post Signing) in the place of representations or warranties between the Buyer and Seller

Key benefits:
1) Consistency of risks covered between Sale Agreement and Mio™ policy
2) Potential for back-to-back cover

Obtain a Mio™ policy to sit alongside a negotiated Sale Agreement

1) Potential for broader cover under the suite of Mio™ “Covered Risks” compared to the scope of warranties a Seller of a small business typically gives under a small business sale contract
2) Protection for a Seller’s post sale capital in relation to all the categories of risk covered by the Covered Risks
3) Enhanced financial covenant strength for a Buyer who suffers a financial loss when compared to the limitations of a Buyer’s recourse against a Seller post transaction.

How to Mio

In a global partnership with Fusion Specialty Insurance, Mio products are available on, the world’s first online M&A insurance marketplace. To access Mio, Brokers, Advisors and their clients become ioPartners.

Mio is a straightforward, digitalized four-stage workflow, which delivers cover in a far shorter timeframe compared to traditional M&A insurance:


Project Set up by the ioPartner

Become an ioPartner to enable access to the platform and to obtain Mio™ insurance solutions for clients involved in a transaction.
Set up a new Project on the platform to submit initial information about the transaction and the party seeking M&A insurance.
At this Project Set Up stage, some basic information about the transaction and parties involved is required such as:
  • Name of Buyer and Seller
  • Name of potential insured under the Mio™ policy
  • Name of Target to be acquired
  • Estimated purchase price
  • Estimated sum insured

Digital Q&A and Quote Pack

Digital Q&A and Non binding Quote
Digital questionnaire forms are completed and information uploaded including the Sale Agreement, disclosure letter, Target financial accounts and any due diligence reports.
A Quote Pack offer includes a Mio™ non binding indication of terms, a draft Mio™ Policy, and examples of Covered Risks that could be insured.
At this stage, the Covered Risks may be incorporated in the Sale Agreement in place of representations and warranties. This is an optional step and helps to ensures consistency of transaction risk cover for a Buyer or Seller.

Binder Pack

A Binder Pack is issued with final policy terms as follows:
  • final Mio™ Policy
  • schedule of Covered Risks
  • binding Quote

Commencement & Completion

Mio™ Commencement No Claims Declaration is completed, signed on the platform via DocuSign and submitted.
Mio™ Policy and Covered Risks are issued
An invoice is issued for the Premium. The invoice is payable by the insured on Commencement of the policy which often coincides with signing date of the Sale Agreement and the signing date of the Mio Policy Commencement No claims declaration.
Unless there is simultaneous signing and completion of the transaction, a Mio Policy Completion no claims declaration is signed by the insured via DocuSign on the Completion Date.
The Mio™ policy is now effective.
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