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Transforming the SME insurance experience and filling the global SME risk protection gap, through a unique insurance marketplace, supported by a products, services and technology exchange.

M&A and Specialist SME Insurance

Your digital marketplace with convenient access to protections for your M&A transactions and your business.

We personalise protections for you, the Buyers & Sellers and Owners & Managers of small to medium size businesses.
Your opportunity to be a leader in building a unique global SME insurance marketplace.

We are building a leading ecosystem that connects customers, advisors / distributors and insurer partners through an insurance marketplace exchange, enabled by expert people, personalised products & services and a data & technology platform

ioExchange has built a unique infrastructure to deliver on its promise to its ioMarketplace ioCustomers and ioPartners.
We are a team of insurance and tech experts, offering personalised products and dedicated services, enabled by data intelligence and technology platforms

M&A and specialist SME insurance products, designed to meet Customers’ requirements
Underwriting as a Service, enabled by licenced agencies and insurers.
To enable the transformation of how SME M&A and Specialist insurance is bought and sold.

M&A and Specialist Insurance ioProducts

Mergers & Acquisitions
Financial Lines
Sustainable Insurance
MioMergers and Acquisitions Insurance Online
Protects buyers or sellers from financial loss in the event of a breach of warranties and indemnities made by the sellers.
Protection Features
Losses resulting from a breach of a seller’s warranty or obligations in a tax deed of covenant.
Costs associated with defending claims.
Extended duration of cover compared to the survival period in the Sale Agreement.
Flexibility with de minimis and thresholds compared to the Sale Agreement.
Fraud on the part of the seller (buyer-side policy only).
Available in:
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Mio – Real Assets Insurance Online
Provides financial cover to the Insured for breaches of warranties in a commercial real estate transaction.
Coming soon:
Exec© – Management Liability Insurance
A package policy where you can choose any combination of Directors & Officers Liability, Employment Practices Liability, and Tax Audit.
Available in:
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Pro© – Professional Liability Insurance
Protects the company and employees for liability arising out of the performance of professional services
Available in:
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Sio©Sustainable Insurance Online, in conjunction with Fusion Specialty Insurance, are building the world’s first Sustainable M&A Insurance, supporting M&A transactions whose counter-parties / target companies are advancing ESG and contributing to sustainability.
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M&A insurance
for buyers and sellers of great businesses

Small and medium enterprises.
PEs & VCs
Private Equity and Venture Capital Firms.
M&A teams of large corporations.

Financial Liability insurance
for business owners and managers

Service Companies


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This footprint is growing quickly.