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Take full advantage of the opportunity to build a unique SME M&A and specialist insurance marketplace

Power of Partnership

Up until the emergence of, access to M&A insurance for SME transactions has been limited; and when available, it has been usually too inefficient and expensive to deliver. The same applies across a variety of specialty SME protections, including professional and management liability.

Insurers mostly focus on larger M&A transactions and mid to large size businesses; and hence the risk protection gap for SMEs. has pioneered an online SME M&A and specialty insurance solutions, designed to fill the risk protection gap and delivered in partnership with Insurers.

This is an open invitation for Insurers to become an ioPartner in building a global M&A and specialty insurance marketplace.


Opportunities for Law firms, corporate financiers, accounting firms and risk advisors to deliver a better service to their customers and to access incremental revenue streams.


Assist your customers with a new insurance protection not otherwise available in the market. New business production, leading to new revenues.


Solving the data & technology challenge, aligned with new products and profitable incremental premiums.

Benefits to ioPartners

How can contribute to your business?
Incremental and increased revenue streams
Deliver a better insurance experience to your customers
Help fill a risk protection gap and build a new market
Understand your customers better
Offer better products and services
Participate in sustainable insurance

ioPartner Profiles

A Small Business or an Investor
Seeking to protect against potential specific liabilities for your business, or risks relating to an M&A transaction?
An Insurer
Seeking to deploy paper & capacity and to access online distribution, underwriting, servicing and data intelligence? Are you focused on the small business segment? Do you wish to diversify your portfolio, access incremental and profitable specialist business, and lower your loss and expense ratios?
A Distributor
Acting as a broker, agent, advisor, B2B business, bank, affinity group or association seeking to provide a better insurance online experience to your small business customers or M&A transactions? Are you seeking to build (incremental) revenue streams and profitability, and to access useful data insights?
An Insurance Entrepreneur
Looking to use a differentiated specialist insurance online platform? Do you have a niche and specialist protection that you would like to launch online?
An Advisor or a Broker
Acting as a legal, insurance, risk or investment Advisor, interested in enhancing the insurance experience and the protection of your small business customers? Are you interested in incremental fee / income streams?
A Data & Technology Entrepreneur
With a unique data intelligence or technology capability that be an attractive complementary business for to deliver, together, a better insurance experience to small businesses and M&A transactions?
A Virtual Data Room
Who would like to offer your capabilities in partnership with to deliver unique insurance protections to M&A – Buyers, Sellers, and their Advisors? Are you interested in incremental revenue streams through affiliated marketing of’s M&A insurance protections?
A Services Provider
Who could enhance the insurance experience and the protection of small business customers?