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30 September 2021

This website is owned and operated by Pty Ltd – ACN 626 797 742 ( a wholly owned subsidiary of POP Technology Holdings Pty Ltd (formerly, POPai Holdings Pty Ltd) and includes all web pages under or forming part of the domain name “” and any other branded web pages. The websites and other products and services provided by are described as the Services. Use of the Services accepts the use of cookies.

An explanation of the types of cookies we use and why.

What are cookies?

Cookies are text files that are downloaded to your computer or mobile device when you access a website. As you browse, cookies gather and store some information about the way you use that website.

Cookies allow the website to recognise your device each time you visit, providing you with a better experience because the site learns your preferences as you browse. Some types of cookies also perform essential functions to enhance how the site works.

Different types of cookies

Session cookies

Session cookies allow websites to track your movements from page to page and are used for a number of reasons, such as remembering items in a shopping cart. These cookies are usually erased when you close your web browser.

Persistent cookies

Persistent cookies are stored on your computer or mobile device between browser sessions for a pre-defined amount of time. These allow the site to remember user information or settings across the site, or in some cases across different websites. They also enable targeted advertising.

First and third party cookies

First party cookies are set by the website you’re browsing. Third party cookies come from other websites or servers, for functions such as advertising pop-ups or banners on the page you’re viewing.

Necessary cookies

Necessary cookies are either session or persistent cookies, and can be delivered by a first or third party. These cookies perform functions such as keeping your site visit secure and remembering you between pages, for example when you navigate from page to page in a project. Access to certain parts of the website depends on these types of cookies.

Functional cookies

Functional cookies can be either session or persistent cookies, and can be delivered by a first or third party. They remember information such as usernames or language settings and may allow the site to display important alerts. These cookies aren’t considered necessary, and can be blocked by the user, although this may impact how the site functions. In some instances, functional cookies are used by the website to provide account holders with additional information or special offers.

Tracking and social cookies

These cookies can be either session or persistent cookies, and are delivered by a first or third party. They’re not essential for the function of the website, but may improve experience by providing content relevant to you and your interests.

How we use cookies uses a combination of the cookies listed depending on which parts of our sites you visit and what you’re trying to do. You can control how cookies are used on your computer or device by changing your browser settings. 

Some of the cookies that the website uses are essential for protecting our account holders’ financial and personal information.

From time to time our web pages contain special offers and we may use cookies to provide account holders with these offers. This requires you to have cookies enabled to ensure these cookies are stored on your computer when applying.

Cookies are subject to change

The cookies we use on our websites are subject to change without notice. You acknowledge that the information in this notice may contain inaccuracies or errors and that it is subject to change. We expressly exclude our liability for any such inaccuracies or errors to the greatest extent permitted by law.

How to block or delete cookies

Cookies are supported by most web browsers, but you can set your browser to block cookies and you can delete them whenever you like.

If you decide to delete or block certain cookies, special offers contained on the web pages may not be provided. Your experience on the website may also be limited, or you may find that some parts of the website won’t work, especially where cookies are used for security and fraud detection functions.

To change your web browser preferences:

Google Chrome

Open your Chrome browser > go to Customise and Control Google Chrome > Settings > Main Menu > Advanced > Privacy and Security > Content Settings > Cookies. Then you can choose your settings.

For more instructions visit how to adjust cookie settings on mobile devices


Go to Settings > Safari > Preferences > Privacy. Then you can choose your settings.  

For more information, including on mobile visit how to adjust cookie settings on Apple devices

Internet Explorer and Edge

Open the browser > select Tools > Internet Options > Privacy > Advanced. Then you can choose your settings.

For more information visit Microsoft Support

Mozilla Firefox

Open Firefox > select Tools > Options > Privacy >Cookies. You can then choose your settings.

For more information visit Mozilla support