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DIGItal Business Interruption

Simple & Powerful Cyber and Terror Protection for Small Businesses

What is ioParametric Insurance?

Providing immediate payout without the need to wait for loss-adjustment, Digital Business Interruption offers a three-in-one protection against the biggest man-made perils disrupting small business: Cyber Data Breach, Cyber Service Outage and Terrorism Disruption. Designed to eliminate coverage gaps often found in other offerings, Digital Business Interruption offers broad parametric coverage with the following customer benefits:


Small Premium
The average cost is estimated at 5-10% of current insurance spend. Premiums can start as low as £99.
Flexible Limits
Simple, objective triggers for Cyber GDPR Breach, Cyber Service Outage, and Terrorism NDBI.
Clear Triggers
No need for a long loss adjustment process, payment is based on the event occurring not on the loss being realised.
Quick Payout
Flexible limits are available, ranging from £5,000 to £100,000.
Available in:
Coming soon:
As a first responder for SMEs, Digital Business Interruption defends against cashflow shortages and reduced revenue immediately following a cyber or terror event.